Review: Etude House 0.2mm Therapy Air Mask Argan Nourishing & Moisturizing

I was inspired to do this review due to Etude House’s 40% Off Mask Pack EventΒ (ends 4/5/18). I got mine during a 60% off sales event (usually a one day only flash sale) which they do I would say once a month but they really went crazy with it in March.Β  They have free shipping on orders over $60 USD which makes these one of THE most cost effective masks I’ve found ever.


First Impressions:

The mask has a lot of serum, and it’s the first mask I’ve used with a lotion-like serum (creamy, milky texture). The mask fits well (many masks are short on the forehead for me) but the eye holes are a little too close together. It faintly smells like alcohol but is not heavily fragranced. I would not recommend for sensitive skin. There is a faint chill / burning sensation and I can’t tell if it’s the alcohol content, the ginger, or the eucalyptus (why?)


The whole 0.2mm Air Therapy series has alcohol high on the ingredient list. I decided to give them a chance anyway since I impulse-purchased. Recently I read that alcohol in skincare doesn’t necessarily mean that the product is drying, but I’ll follow up with how my face looks / feels tomorrow (or maybe not I’m a little too short on sleep to give an accurate gauge).

After the serum is completely patted in the skin does feel soft to the touch (like after just applying lotion). I personally did not have trouble with a long serum absorption time.