Berrisom Lip Tint Set VS PeriPera Airy Velvet #1-10

This post was inspired by a request to find a color match for Berrisom’s Sexy Red Lip Tint.

Berrisom Lip Tint Set (Excludes Chic Purple and Candy Orange)


How to Use: Berrisom Lip Tints were one of the first lip tints on the market. The tint is a thick, gel texture. Apply, wait 10 mins, then peel off to reveal tinted lips that last all day. (Is it just me or do even the models look like they’re getting uneven color in those photos? I’m looking at you Candy Orange)

PSA: The box I got listed the expiration date instead of the manufactured date so check your tube.

PeriPera Airy Ink Velvet Line


How to Use: Apply the PeriPera like you would a liquid lip color, but instead of losing your lip color on cups and straws you have perfectly tinted lips as the day goes on.

Beginner Tips: Start from the inside of your lips like you’re doing a gradient. The inks smear easily and (if you’re clumsy like I am) it could become a mess if you start by trying to outline your cupid’s bow like you may be used to with other liquid lip colors.

Berrisom vs PeriPera Airy Throwdown

I apologize for the inconsistent lighting but at least you can see a comparison between products.

The top row is all Berrisom colors in the set, from left to right it’s Lovely Peach, Vivid Scarlet, Pure Pink, Pink Bubble Gum, Virgin Red, and Sexy Red.

The middle row is PeriPera #6-10, freshly applied on the left photo then wiped away after about 20 mins on the 2nd photo. The last row is PeriPera #1-5, same as above.

Winner: PeriPera is overall a better product and lower MSRP.

Berrisom lip tint is more difficult and time consuming to apply, on top of being almost impossible to reapply if you’re at work. From past experiences, it seems to chip off the lips if you don’t moisturize throughout the day.

The first time I used PeriPera I didn’t leave it on long enough. I thought that it had the same “tinting” power as Berrisom and wiped off the product too early. With a swatch of both brands I’ve realized after leaving on for around 20 minutes PeriPera was much more pigmented. However I personally didn’t like the way the PeriPera looks on the lips. It applies shiny and then kind of dries matte. It doesn’t quite look natural until the most of the product rubs off and the tint is left. Also heaven forbid you make a mistake while applying, and it’s much more likely to get on your teeth than the Berrisom. Since it’s a tint, correcting mistakes can be very difficult.


PeriPera is having a promotion on both cosmetic-love, which is running a straight 40% off brand sale*, and RoseRoseShop, where there are variable discounts for various lines. Cosmetic-love has a better price for the airy ink velvet line* being reviewed today.

Berrisom’s Lip Tint set is available for $17.20 USD on Amazon* or $55.71 from cosmetic-love*. Roseroseshop is currently running a promotion where you can buy them individually for $3.79 USD each if you love a specific color, but Amazon is the best deal for today.

To be fair this isn’t exactly a 1:1 product comparison. Berrisom more recently launched a “velvet” lip coat that I’ll be reviewing way in the future. When I have funds. Did I mention that donations are appreciated? 💖

Finding a PeriPera Dupe for Sexy Red Berrisom

From the promotional material Berrisom Sexy Red matches PeriPera Coral pink the most closely, but the box matches more closely to PeriPera’s Legend Brown Red and Elf Light Rose. Let’s give it a swatch….

And the results are in! The Legend Brown Red is a better match because it’s darker, but neither of the two have enough wine tint.

The Berrisom application was very patchy while the tint from the PeriPera didn’t show through well on the lip. Correction: I think this is because I didn’t leave the PeriPera on long enough, 10 mins as recommended by Berrisom didn’t seem like enough time for the PeriPera to set. After doing a swatch of all the products at once PeriPera won for pigment by a landslide.

Day 2, Coral Pink

Due to lighting issues I wasn’t able to get a swatch for pre-tint on Day 1. On day 2, I correct for lighting by putting the new swatches on the same arm. You can see that the color from day 1 hasn’t faded compared to day 2 (spoiler alert, it’s day 3 and I had to use concealer on my arms at work haha). The Pink Coral again looks brighter and less plum on the arm but…

Lets see how it looks on the lips:

The color difference is dramatic while the tint is still wet, but once it has had time to set the colors are pretty similar IMO especially looking at the lower lip only.  Here are two other pictures when the tint was freshly removed.

I gave it an extra long time to bake this trial, but once again the Berrisom came off patchy on my upper lip. (It looks like the color didn’t completely transfer on the top half of my upper lip.) and wanted to cling on the lower lip.

I’ll have to try again when my 2018 colors* arrive in the mail.

What would you like to see next?

Comment below on which colors you want to prioritize. More swatches and other reviews incoming for the rest of the colors.

For Austrailian shoppers maybe consider ? They’re an Austrailia-based mom and pop shop that is reputable. No they didn’t pay me to say that 🙂

I promised to disclose where I purchased my products, so go ahead and skip this paragraph if you’re not interested. I managed to catch cosmetic-love’s weekly deal for a [Berrisom] Oops My Lip Tint Pack Set at $16.36 USD as well as RoseRoseShop’s flash deal for Peri’s Ink Velvet – 8g No.04 Wow Pink at $4.33 USD. Unfortunately both of those deals are over now. I purchased the majority of my PeriPera order from Yesstyle at $6.76 USD each during their spring promotion (even with their welcome code!), but the prices are currently much better at $5.14 USD each at cosmetic-love* get an additional 10% discount from cosmetic-love by clicking this link if you’re a new customer.
Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links denoted by *.

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