Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, both dermatologists, own skincare line Rodan+Fields lauded as the “fastest-growing skin care brand” in the US. They have a few publications, linked below, and also founded the popular anti-acne brand, Proactiv.

With dermatologist backing, scientific research (other brands do this too!), and pre-assembled “kits” it’s easy to see how consumers would be attracted to this brand.

So what’s the problem?

Their prices are exorbitant. Rodan and Fields know the law and FDA too well to skirt around ingredients lists, but they still find ways to keep consumers in the dark. For example, their “AMPMD Micro-exfoliating Roller” looks a lot like a 0.25 mm micro-needling roller but nowhere on their website will you see it described as such. It took a little extra digging and confirmation from an Allure article (that gif is killing me on the inside, anyone familiar with micro-needling knows why – you’re not supposed to change directions while rolling like that). Lots of price fluctuation here because R+F sells this as a set with “Retinal” and cleaning tablets, but compare ~$40-$180 dollar “AMPMD Micro-exfoliating roller”* to under $15 FDA-Approved 0.25 mm titanium micro-needle roller* There’s no transparency about the material nor the needle count of the AMPMD micro-exfoliating roller, plus they’re trying to sell you these pool cleaner + denture cleaner tablets (I’m only partially joking) for over $1.25 each in that package. Generally at home micro-needling isn’t recommended by most professionals, despite its benefits. There is a lot of room for error that can lead to infection or scarring. But among the home micro-needling crowd, it’s common knowledge that a good spritz of 70-90% rubbing alcohol before and after use is enough to sanitize (a 0.25 mm) and no fancy tablets are needed.

Not only are their prices exorbitant (I have PLENTY of examples see future for replacements to R+F products), to add insult to injury this billion dollar company only pays 2% of their consultants more than minimum wage and according to their own 2016 income disclosure statement 90.41% of their consultants average less than $200 a month.

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K Rodan + K Fields Publications

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