15 Days of PeriPera Ink The Airy Velvet

Beginning 4/4/18 I’ll be doing 1 PeriPera Ink the Airy Velvet color a day. Technically it’s 10 days worth of reviews because the newest 5 colors are still on their way over. And wow I just noticed that the latest 2018 colors* contain SPF 50+ PA+++ protection. I’m really terrible about lip sun protection so I’m pretty curious about how that’s going to work out.

  1. Heart Grapefruit
  2. Pretty Orange Pink
  3. Sold Out Red
  4. Beautiful Coral Pink
  5. Elf Light Rose
  6. Brown orange
  7. My Brown Coral
  8. Glimpse Brick Brown
  9. Legend Brown Red
  10. Dry Rose Brown
  11. Pinkish Grapefruit
  12. Bloomy Orange
  13. Apricot Coral
  14. Rose Pink
  15. Bright Plum

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